Color Garden Egg Coloring Kit Giveaway ends 3/22

We won’t be having a lot of giveaways on Hints and Tips Blog but I thought this one was fitting for the holiday. Be sure to enter quickly because it is a flash giveaway that will be over in only 3 days.

With Easter just around the corner this giveaway is great for everyone! It is short but help make it a great success by sharing with your friends.

Good luck everyone!

Color Garden Egg Coloring Kit Giveaway


Color Garden has an amazing selection of natural dyes that can be used in things like frosting, drinks, foods and just in time for Easter, an egg coloring kit!

Color Gardens all-natural dyes so they DON’T STAIN your hands or clothing!

(That is every parent’s dream am I right?)

Now you can enter to win a Color Garden Egg Coloring Kit to use this Easter!

3 Winners

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Color Garden Egg Coloring Kit Giveaway

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